Completely furnished apartments in D.C. Find answers to your FAQs here.


Frequently Asked Questions — FAQs

We know you have questions about your furnished apartment at Adams Morgan Suites. Below you will find answers our most frequently asked questions:

1. Is there parking and should I bring my car?

The building has no dedicated parking; however, street parking is available on a first come-first serve basis.

Parking Permits

parking in dc

The District offers a variety of parking permits available to temporary residents and visitors. Some of the more common parking categories include permits for healthcare workers, part-time residents, visitors and contract empl0yees. For a complete explanation of the different parking permits, please visit D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles for Parking.

If you’re staying with us, most likely you’ll need a Visitor’s Parking Permit (VPP). To obtain this Permit you’ll need to either download the ParkDC app from Apple or Google Play or go to the website and register there. Once registered you’ll need to coordinate with us and request a Visitor’s Parking Permit by providing your vehicle’s Color, Make and Model and License Plate Number. Once we are in possession of your request and vehicle information, we will issue you an ACCESS CODE. With the ACCESS CODE, you can finalize the VPP process whereby you’ll be issued your VPP as .pdf file attachment to your registered email address.  Simply print the .pdf file and place the VPP inside your vehicle’s driver’s side dashboard where it is clearly visible.

Once in possession of the permit, you’ll be able to park anywhere street parking is available within Zone (1) free of charge. For more information on “Zoned Parking” in D.C., please see the following link: D.C. Parking Zones.

Most tenants/guests choose not to bother with their car because the District’s has a fantastic and efficient public transportation system. Parking is attainable, but if you come home on a weekend evening past 7pm . . . good luck! Suburbanites from all over the Metro area flock here and park wherever possible to take advantage of everything the Adams Morgan neighborhood has to offer.

There is a private parking garage 1.5 blocks from the property (entry on 18th Street at Belmont Road). The facility is operated by Colonial Parking. If you desire more information about this garage parking venue, please see Colonial Parking’s Adams Morgan location here: Colonial Parking-Adams Morgan.

2. Where is the nearest metro rail station?

Metro rail conveniently services the area from the Adams Morgan/Woodley Park station (red line) within a 15 minute walk and Columbia Heights metro station (yellow and green lines) at same distance. Please see for metro maps and timetables.

3. Where is the nearest bus stop and what bus lines serve the area?

Several Metro bus lines (42, S2, S4, L2, H2) are accessed within one block which complements this great urban living location. Please see for metro maps and timetables.

4. Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, we have a no pet policy. We have found that too many people have pet allergies and preparing an apartment after a tenant has vacated with a pet is too costly.

5. Can I smoke in my apartment?

For insurance purposes smoking inside the building is not permitted. Several units have walk-out balconies or there is not an issue with smoking outside the property.

6. Do you offer High-Speed Internet access?

Yes! We maintain our own secured Internet wireless network. We provide commercial grade High-Speed Internet via Xfinity’s Cable Broadband with 1-gbps download speeds; some apartments have wired access (ethernet cable) as well. High-Speed Internet is offered as a free service to all guests.

7. How much is the security deposit and what is the process of receiving my security deposit refund?

Unlike most rental agencies where one must pay the first month’s rent, last month’s rent and a security deposit of equal amounts in advance, we feel this is horribly excessive. Upon signing a lease we require a flat $1,000.00 security deposit for terms of stay 90-days or longer or $500.00 for terms less than 90-days. Your security deposit will be refunded, less your electric usage (see item no. 9 below), cleaning fees (if required), and/or reimbursement for damaged or missing items within 45-days of vacating premises.

8. Will I be able to control the heating and cooling within my apartment or does the building have a shared or common system?

Each apartment is configured with its own, modern central heating and air conditioning system with digital thermostat. You will control your own degree of comfort inside your apartment.

9. Are utilities included in rent?

No. Utilities are not included in rent. The building is all electric, no gas and each apartment is separately/individually metered. We receive all apartments’ electric invoices and pay them upon receipt. After you depart and we are in receipt of your final electric invoice, we will deduct your total electric bills from the security deposit. We have found when utilities are included in rent that most tenants/guests are not conservative with the thermostat and much energy is wasted. By the tenant/guest having responsibility of their personal level of comfort, electric bills are more reasonable.

The average bill for a one bedroom apartment is typically $49 to $59 during spring and fall months and $69 to $91 during winter and summer months. Of course, these averages vary depending on how much you use the washer/dryer, how much you cook and your personal level of comfort (thermostat setting).

10. Does the apartment have a TV or Entertainment System?

Adams Morgan Suites‘ apartments are configured with High-Definition (1080p and Ultra HD) Flat Screen TVs with two or more HDMI ports, coupled with Surround Sound Home Theater Systems with multiple speakers and AM/FM Stereo Radio, CD/DVD capability. We subscribe to YouTubeTV (click here for a description of this service from for local and cable channels. We also provide Amazon Fire Stick (click here for a description of Amazon Fire Stick from If you have accounts with these services, simply go to the settings within that app to enable your account and viewing preferences.

youtubetv and amazon fire stick

55″ HDTV with Surround Sound Home Theater

11. Can I walk to a nice restaurant, dry cleaners and other retailers and is there a source for entertainment and/or nightlife close by?

You’re in luck! Your apartment is a mere 1.5 blocks (5 minute walk) from some of the highest rated restaurants and hot, hot nightlife in the entire Metro area. Adams Morgan is famous for its fantastic ethnic cuisine, retail shopping, night clubs and live music venues that are all along 18th Street, and there is an organic dry cleaners, “Cupid Cleaners”, one block away at the corner of Ontario and Kalorama Roads. D.C. is a very pedestrian friendly city.

12. Do you have a washer and dryer inside the apartment?

There’s no need to drag your dirty clothes to a laundromat. For your convenience, all of Adams Morgan Suite’s apartments are configured with washers and dryers and an iron and ironing board.

washers and dryers in every apartment

Washer and Dryer, Iron and Ironing Board in every apartment

13. Where and how do I pay rent and do I have until the 5th day of the month like most rental properties?

Each apartment is supplied with a Deposit Only ATM card. With this method of payment, simply visit any Bank of America ATM that accepts deposits and make the transaction; simply slide the ATM card into the card reader and follow the screen instructions for making the deposit. Alternatively, we subscribe to Venmo, CashApp, Zelle and PayPal. If you prefer to pay via any of these electronic funds transfer, please inquire for our credentials

Rent is due the first day of the month. We do not allow a five day grace period. Why? Most, if not everyone, is paid promptly either end of month or bi-monthly, so we merely want our share of your hard-earned money as soon as you have access to it.

14. What are the directions to the property?

We’ve made finding and coming to us easy for you–just use our Google Maps page:

From Adams-Morgan/Woodley Park Metro Station: Exit Metro and continue walking straight/downhill to the intersection of Connecticut Ave and Calvert Street; turn left and cross the street on Calvert and walk up hill.  You will pass an Exxon service station on your left. Cross the street again at Columbia Road where you will see a McDonalds and turn left.  The next intersection is Euclid Street and you will see “City Bikes” to your front as a landmark. This is the intersection of Champlain Street and Euclid Street; continue on Euclid to 1715.  The building is 1.5 blocks on left and is gray, white trim and a red-framed glass door.

Driving From South of Washington, D.C. Take Interstate 395 to 14th Street Bridge and remain on 14th Street to Mass Ave and turn left; stay on Mass Ave then turn right on 18th Street. Remain on 18th Street and once passing Florida Avenue you’ll be in the Adams Morgan neighborhood. At the intersection of Columbia Road (McDonald’s is on the right as a landmark) and 18th Street; turn right on Colombia Road and your next, immediate right (a diagonal street) is Euclid Street. Go through the first four-way stop. You will see “City Bikes” on your left as a landmark. This will be the intersection of Champlain and Euclid Street; continue straight on Euclid to 1715.

Driving From North of Washington, D.C. From the Capitol Beltway Interstate 495, take “Silver Spring” Exit and follow signs to 16th Street NW to Washington, D.C. Drive south along 16th Street; you will pass Walter Reed Medical Center on your left as a landmark. Turn right on Columbia Road. You’ll pass a Safeway Grocery on your right, maneuver to the inside lane and turn left on Euclid Street. This is a diagonal street and poorly marked because of tree foliage (spring/summer). Go through the first four-way stop. You will see “City Bikes” to your left front as a landmark and this will be the intersection of Champlain and Euclid Street; continue on Euclid to 1715 on the left.

From Columbia Heights Metro Station; Use the ‘Southbound Bus’ exit and walk west along Irving Street. Cross the street at Columbia Road, turn left and walk south on Columbia Road for approximately five blocks until you come to Euclid Street.  Turn right on Euclid Street and 1.5 blocks on the right you’ll see our property at 1715 Euclid. The building is 1.5 blocks on left and is gray, white trim and a red-framed glass door.

From Washington Reagan National Airport: While inside the terminal area, follow signs to ‘Metro.’ At the Metro kiosk, you’ll need to purchase a Metro Fare Card. With Card in hand follow signs ‘To Washington, D.C.’ and take the Yellow Line to Columbia Heights Station (see above for continued directions).

15. I want to take a look at the apartment available. How do I make an appointment?

We show our units by appointment only. If an apartment is tenant occupied, we like to provide our guests with 24-hour notice before entering their home. To schedule a viewing contact us, click here for contacts page.

16. Is there an application process and is there a fee for applying?

Yes. You must complete an Application for Rent to initiate the leasing process. The application fee is $40.00 and from this fee we employ an independent agency to conduct a basic credit and employment check. The agency scores your application and you will be contacted within one business day with your status. To apply click here, to begin the application process.

17. What is the process after the application? Is there a lease, what funds are involved and how long does the process take?

After your application is approved, the next step is committing to a lease/contract. A sample lease can be found in the ‘Forms and Documents’ tab. The lease with associated documents and instructions will be transmitted to your email account with attachments. Please know that the lease is not executed without funds. Upon lease signing we require the security deposit ($1,000.00 or $500.00 depending on duration of stay) and the first month’s rent.

For tenants/guests located in the U.S., we request visiting any Bank of America branch and make a simple teller transaction. We also subscribe to PayPal and our account is attached to the following email: [email protected]. Traditional mailing services (A.K.A. snail mail) may be utilized as well for payment by personal check. Please note: If you are an international client, funds must be executed via bank wire. If we do not have the lease signed and returned (faxed) and verification of funds within 24 hours from sending lease, we will assume you are no longer interested in securing the unit.  Our policy is to advertised and show apartments until the transaction is fully executed.

18. I am skeptical about doing business over the Internet. How can I be assured that you are a legitimate business and this property actually exists?

We are a registered entity with the District of Columbia. Please go to: Under the ‘Services’ section, click ‘Corporate Registration’, then from the left column, click ‘Verify a Business.’ We can be found from several methods: Our registered entity is ‘Avioner, LLC’ or from our Business License Number: 70108447 and/or from our business address: 1715 Euclid Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20009. Our bank account is also under the same entity name. Additionally, and at your request, we can supply email addresses of past tenants for you to contact. You can also find our business reviews at Yelp and checkout our reputation and reviews with Google My Business and Google Maps.

19. After lease signing and funds are transferred how do I receive apartment keys?

We live on-site as owner/apartment managers. There will be a representative at the property to greet you upon arrival and pass unit keys to you. Alternatively, you’re provided with a Welcome Letter that with accompany your lease. With the Welcome Letter are ‘Self Check-In’ instructions for your specific apartment. Keys to your unit will be plainly visible inside the apartment.


20. What happens if I have a problem inside my apartment? Who do I call and how long must I wait before the issue is resolved?

We live on-site as professional property managers, so merely call, email or simply knock on our door. Depending on the type issue or crisis, we can usually resolve maintenance related problems within 24-hours. Please understand–all things mechanical will break and/or require maintenance at some point.

21. Storage and bicycles:

In Washington, D.C., just like most metropolitan areas, space is a premium. We have utilized every square inch of space to optimize your living conditions; however, this also equates to ‘no storage.’ You should find ample space under your bed and inside your bedroom closet for luggage/suitcase storage, but we have no facilities or dedicated area to store your excess items.

With regard to bicycle storage, most tenants or guests (to include me) choose to keep their bicycle inside the apartment. This practice does not give evidence that our property is in a high-crime area because it is not, rather it’s just smart not to leave valuable items in plain sight.